Simon Spillett

Award Winning Saxophonist


Like a lot of professional musicians, I teach.

I offer saxophone tuition (alto, tenor and soprano saxes) covering technique, improvisation and harmony as well as group performance (classes for jazz ensembles of all sizes), jazz listening/history and developing repertoire.

I have facilities in which to teach (complete with a piano) or can travel to students.

I am also available to teach online via Zoom for those students unable to travel for lessons.

I teach either individual students or groups - from beginners to advanced - drawing on over twenty-five years experience as a professional musician.

Teaching sessions are tailored to what you the student wish to cover, whether that be polishing up existing techniques, dealing with a specific gear-related issue (horns, mouthpieces, reeds etc.) or simply getting to grips with improvisation - mine is definitely not a regimented "grades only" approach.

Sessions can be booked on a one-off basis (or, if you've had a lesson before, as a "top up") or as part of a series designed to help the student progress in structured stages towards a specific goal.

The only essential requirement is that you enjoy what we cover!

If you are interested in lessons, please email me

Here's what some of my students have to say...

"Simon is an excellent teacher as well as an outstanding jazz musician. He is honest and open about his own journey, understands the problems that can occur and interrupt one's development as a saxophonist, and, crucially, knows how to help you solve those challenges. Not every top player can teach, but Simon can."

Ian, Rugby

"It's a testament to Simon's very instructive and personal teaching that I noticed a considerable improvement in my playing after only one or two lessons. His advice, both in terms of actual playing and also the technical side of the instrument, was invaluable - I'd strongly recommend him to any already competent jazz saxophonist looking to improve their playing."

Conor, Greenwich

"If you are stuck in a rut with your sax playing and have totally lost your way, Simon Spillett will motivate and invigorate you and get you back to playing with purpose and enjoyment. An awesome player. Sympathetic and encouraging teacher."

John, Stoke-on-Trent